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  • There are many Montessori principles which at a first sight might sometimes seem difficult to understand.


    • The purpose of education is to release the potential of a child for the betterment of humanity. 
    • Education is a release from within, not a pouring in.
    • The Montessori guide is the dynamic link between the child and the prepared environment. 
    • The child constructs himself from the prepared environment. 
    • The role of the guide is to remove all obstacles in order to free the child to reach his/her greatest potential.
    • The prepared environment is materials-driven, child-initiated, and adult responsive.
    • Love is the key to self-transformation. 

  • Some of these may not seem to be directly related to “education”, but years of experience have shown the relationship between the following points and the educational outcomes.
    Take Away Points:

  • Some tears are normal in the beginning during the drop-off period, especially during the first couple of weeks. The good news is that it's temporary!
    We are happy to offer you some tips that will help drop off easier for both you and your child. Here are our top 10:

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