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A poor education will limit your child’s potential for success,

but he or she will reap the rewards of a proper education for a lifetime.

We know that you are making a very large commitment to your child’s future when you send him or her to Alive Montessori & Private School.
In actual fact, the very best gift you as a parent can give your child is a superb education. After all, the skills and abilities learned in school largely determine the success your child will have throughout his or her life. This is particularly important in our rapidly changing modern world, where continuous learning has become the norm.

The first few years of schooling are vital, as they establish the foundation for all subsequent learning. It is here that they will learn to read and write and where they begin to get familiar with mathematical concepts; skills that they need to have for all future learning. Correcting a poor start in schooling afterwards is made much more difficult because the child’s ability, confidence and attitude toward learning, whether positive or negative, are largely set in these early years.

We set very high standards for ourselves as teachers and for our students. For example, we expect all of our children to begin reading at age 4 and to be fluent readers by age 6 or 7, well before the expected goals in the public schools. (It is heartbreaking when poor teaching in the early years results in so many teens and adults who can read and write only with difficulty.)

We know that you are placing your trust in us to give your child the very best education possible. Your child will be treated as an individual and given personal attention. We will do our very best to keep him or her engaged and interested in learning by making it fun and related to the real world. We teach life skills, work ethic, mental and physical discipline, manners, and how to work as a team and care for others.

And because we consider ourselves to be partners in the future success of your child, we listen and work with you, the parent, on forwarding the best interests of your child.
As Mark Twain so aptly put it, “Don’t let schooling get in the way of your education.” We want your child to receive a real education – one that will give him the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve success in a career and in life.


"We are so blessed to have met you! Thank you for welcoming us to your school and family and helping with our move to Canada. Max has grown so much in his time at Alive and we know this has been a wonderful foundation for his future. We will miss you!"


"Absolutely fantastic preschool where the teachers are not only trained in Montessori pedagogy, but show delight, affection and sincere care for the children. Our daughter has loved this school and thrived there! We love the extent of arts, music, dance and language incorporated into the class day. A secret GEM of a school."


My son was attending Alive Montessori last year, I couldn't be happier. The staff was amazing. I highly recommend the school!!!
We miss you guys!