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  • A strong educational foundation is important for many reasons because it promotes lifelong learning, academic achievement, personal development, empowerment, economic opportunities, critical thinking, personal fulfillment, and societal progress. The foundations of a subject provide the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories on which further learning is built. By understanding these foundations, children develop a solid knowledge base that serves as a framework for acquiring more advanced knowledge and skills.

  • When thinking about fantasy and imagination sometimes people tend to think that they are the same, that in fact, the two words refer to the same process. The truth is that the two have very different meanings. When we talk about fantasy we talk about something created by the mind, so, it is a product of the imagination but it is not connected with reality, it is something that we have never seen before, something that cannot exist. On the other hand, imagination is based on reality. A clear example would be trying to draw a picture of something which is not in front of you. As long as you know what it is, such as for example an apple, you can easily visualize it, or imagine it and draw it. 

  • A sensitive period is a stage of learning, especially in the first five, six years of life, when it is very easy for children to learn concepts, ideas, skills, attitudes, and behaviour. These could be learned later in life but never fully, as according to Maria Montessori this could only be achieved during the sensitive periods; hence, the importance to observe the children and to identify areas where we could support them and guide them in order to develop their maximum potential.