What Your School Fees Buy


re private schools expensive when compared to the “free” public school system?

The Ontario government spends more on public education than on any other item except health care, so the amount we pay for education through our taxes is, in reality, considerable and far from free. (The latest data from the government accounting offices shows that the average cost of public education is over $11,000 per year per child.) And for the growing number of students who are “graduating” with poor reading, writing and math abilities and minimal real skills, education (even if “free”) is very expensive indeed.

Expensive in terms of lost opportunity and a lifetime of lost earnings because they wind up stuck in low paying jobs or dead-end careers.

Until Ontario institutes a voucher system (such as they have in Alberta) whereby the government pays a set amount to whichever school the child is attending, there will always be a disincentive for parents to send their children to a private school. Not only do parents have to pay the full amount to educate their own children, but they are also forced to pay for the education of other children through their taxes.

Parents who make the sacrifices to send their children to Alive Montessori & Private School are giving them a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime. A child who is properly taught and who has a firm grasp on the Basics of reading, writing and math, gains in certainty and ability. With this sound foundation, he is then able to confidently tackle other learning as he moves into the higher grades. A child who has a shaky start to his education is forever battling with his own uncertainty; after falling behind, it is almost impossible for him to catch up.

This is why the early years of the educational process are particularly important, as these will set the tone for their future education. Children will learn to read and write well … or poorly. They will have success and develop a love of learning … or will become despondent at their failure and begin to dislike school. They will become confident as they gain new skills and abilities … or they will struggle with their self-esteem. When a child falls behind, it becomes more and more difficult to bring them up to where they
should be

It does cost money to educate our children, whether this is done through the public school system or at a private school such as Alive Montessori & Private School. There is the cost of leasing and maintaining the building itself. We have teachers to pay. There are financial obligations to pay government fees and taxes. A considerable amount is spent each year on supplies such as books, arts and crafts materials for the students, paper, photocopying expenses, etc.

We know you have a choice in where you send your children to school. At Alive Montessori & Private School we do everything we can to provide true value with a superlative education for your children so they can succeed in their later schooling, in their future careers and in life.

Julia Simon