Summer Camp!

Morning Academic Boost!

Reading and Writing

• We work one-on-one with students to identify and correct weaknesses in their reading.
• Your child will be introduced to a variety of reading material (poetry, fiction, humour, non-fiction, etc.) to stir the imagination and interest and to engage him or her. Independent reading is the goal.
• We work with your child to improve writing skills (including cursive handwriting often not taught in schools).

Mathematics and Science

• One-on-one tutoring identifies and fixes weaknesses in arithmetic and math skills.
• Fun math games and drilling improve abilities and confidence.
• Interesting science experiments open up new worlds and get the kids to apply what they know.

Afternoon Project & Fitness Fun!

Arts and Crafts

• Daily projects that the kids can bring home to show their skills and creativity. Drawing, painting, cartooning, sculpting, imaginative craft creations.


• Learning the basics of music and practicing on a variety of instruments (guitar, percussion, piano, keyboard, etc.) Singing and karaoke.

Performing, Public Speaking & Acting

• Kids improve their confidence by performing in front of their peers.

Physical Education, Gym, Dance

• Daily physical activity to keep your kids fit and develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Special Surprise Outings and Activities

Weekly Themes

July 2 to 5

“Games and outside fun.” Accent on fun, movement and letting off steam.

July 8 to 12

“Mental prep, board games, physical fitness and agility.” Keeping the body and mind working.

July 15 to 19

“Folk songs and dances from various cultures.” Lots of singing and dancing!

July 22 to 26

“Bird-watching and feeding.” Build a birdhouse and attract our feathered friends.

July 29 to August 2

“Young gardener course.” Earn a diploma for planting and tending the garden. Make a scarecrow.

August 5 to 9

“Water week!” Get whacky, get wet, get wild!

August 12 to 16

“Acting the part.” Theatre, pantomime, improv, drama, to develop communication skills, confidence and individuality.

August 19 to 23

“Art week.” Learning about some of the great artists from the past. Showing off the art skills learned over the summer.

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