The most successful people in the world make time to read, study, and learn far beyond their grade school years. In turn, they’re better thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

Read, read, read! Read together with your children every day. Make trips to the library or bookstore. Make reading a pleasant, enjoyable experience. Also, play games, sing, and tell jokes. Talk about words, and help them become aware of the sounds that make up the words. For example, ask “what begins with mmm?” or “what rhymes with cat?”

Here in the classroom, we are emphasizing the joy of taking a trip to the library, hunting out a new and exciting book, and Scholastic Reading Club is our partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader.

Happy Reading!


On Friday, November 2, 2018, our school visited Famous People Players Theatre and enjoyed the magic show.

As Seen on Broadway – A Blacklight Musical Fantasy!

When Famous PEOPLE Players first opened on Broadway, critics and audiences alike were blown away with the range of music from POP to ROCK to SWING to JAZZ to COUNTRY and said the variety was enchanting. A little bit of country …a little bit of the city!
“No praise is too high for the visual effects, the lighting, and the dazzling expertise of the unseen performers.”

Halloween Party Games

Our Principal, Julia Simon, leading the way in making learning fun during Hallowe’en.
Alive Halloween
We had a pumpkin party for all our kids. Besides pumpkin garland and cutesy decorations, we had many activities: freeze dance, sweeping balloons, keeping the balloons in the air, the contest of the spiders, costume trophies…

This month gave us opportunity to discuss all of the things we are thankful for, and what it means to celebrate this holiday with friends and family. Whether you are thankful for your parents, extended family your dog, or just simply your favourite toy at home, it is important to appreciate the things we have in our lives! This year we had a Thanksgiving lunch at the school. Thanks Renata and Emily for coming!

We started our school year with our first trip on September 26th to Lionel’s Farm. The children got to feed the animals in the petting zoo, ride a pony and explore the barn. We also had a lot of fun. 

Raising IQ

Raising IQ

Educators seem to place an undue amount of faith on intelligence – or at least on IQ tests which purport to measure intelligence. (Whether they do or not, or what exactly these tests do in fact measure, is another matter entirely.) Too often, however, if a student is doing poorly in school and that student also scores low on an IQ test, the teacher will give up on him or her. It becomes entirely too easy, perhaps reflecting human nature, to blame the student for failures in education. “What can I do with someone who isn’t very intelligent and can’t learn?” “Why should I spend too much time trying to sort out someone who is dumb when I have other students who have more potential?”

Before we place too much importance on IQ tests, we would be wise to realize one simple fact. No matter what else an IQ test is supposed to measure, it is, first and foremost, a test of reading ability.

A person who can’t read well will never be able to score high on an IQ test. Not only is the thinking process subordinated to the difficulty in getting the problems off the page, but a poor and slow reader will also have difficulty answering enough questions on a timed test.

So the best way to raise your child’s IQ score is to improve his or her ability to read. The ultimate goal should be that he or she will eventually be able to read as easily as he can listen to a conversation.