The constructive triangles are used to demonstrate that all plane geometric figures can be constructed from triangles. Black guidelines are painted in different positions on the triangles to help the child to construct other figures. This should be encouraged an exploratory work that will provide a foundation for later concepts of equivalency, similarity, and congruency.

The constructive triangles – Montessori materials

Teach your children the joys of helping others.

Teach your child that even small acts of kindness go along way. Express to your child why you are holding the door for another person, letting someone get in front of you in traffic or helping someone when their hands are full. Explain that it is nice to be helpful, even if the person doesn’t say thank you or appreciate it. You should give to give – not give to get.

Julia Simon

In Montessori education, practical life activities are the most important activities for young students. Activities for care of the environment are both fun and great for developing order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

Care of environment activities

As with reading skills, we place a special emphasis on your child’s ability to write. We are constantly practicing tracing letters, spelling our names, and writing the words of things that we see on a daily basis to help promote the strength and knowledge to become confident.

Writing Skills

What is it that makes an activity ‘Montessori’? The primary goal of the Montessori philosophy is: “Help me to do it myself.” This is why Montessori activities promote self-sufficiency, independence, critical thinking, and fine motor development. Most importantly, Montessori activities are tailored to children’s interests and developmental needs.

Montessori Activites

The students here are learning how to make simple machines, hockey nets using brand new materials and instructions for guidance. By doing this the children become familiar with these materials which leads to their ability to grasp abstract concepts.

Hockey Net
Simple Machine

Remembrance Day

Our children honour Canadian Veterans and learn the meaning of respecting others.

Remembrance Day

The most successful people in the world make time to read, study, and learn far beyond their grade school years. In turn, they’re better thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

Read, read, read! Read together with your children every day. Make trips to the library or bookstore. Make reading a pleasant, enjoyable experience. Also, play games, sing, and tell jokes. Talk about words, and help them become aware of the sounds that make up the words. For example, ask “what begins with mmm?” or “what rhymes with cat?”

Here in the classroom, we are emphasizing the joy of taking a trip to the library, hunting out a new and exciting book, and Scholastic Reading Club is our partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader.

Happy Reading!


On Friday, November 2, 2018, our school visited Famous People Players Theatre and enjoyed the magic show.

As Seen on Broadway – A Blacklight Musical Fantasy!

When Famous PEOPLE Players first opened on Broadway, critics and audiences alike were blown away with the range of music from POP to ROCK to SWING to JAZZ to COUNTRY and said the variety was enchanting. A little bit of country …a little bit of the city!
“No praise is too high for the visual effects, the lighting, and the dazzling expertise of the unseen performers.”

Halloween Party Games

Our Principal, Julia Simon, leading the way in making learning fun during Hallowe’en.
Alive Halloween
We had a pumpkin party for all our kids. Besides pumpkin garland and cutesy decorations, we had many activities: freeze dance, sweeping balloons, keeping the balloons in the air, the contest of the spiders, costume trophies…